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Mikasa Volleyball

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About Mikasa

In 1917, Mikasa Sports was established in Hiroshima, Japan. Born out of a love of sport, Mikasa continues to strive to better the game and better the sport by simply, making a better volleyball.

In 1973, Mikasa moved the headquarters to California, starting with a one-sport focus: volleyball. The move helped the brand provide better service and accessibility to all athletes, from backyard games to the Summer Olympics.

For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Mikasa launched the MVA200 ball that forever changed how athletes look at volleyballs. The unique Gold and Blue volleyball features an 8-Panel design with sleek dimpling to give the ball better stability and ball control during play. This technology was a first for the courts and was well-received!

For the 2012 London Olympics, the Mikasa MVA200 ball is, once again, the official game ball for indoor volleyball. Also, for the second time, the VLS300 Official FIVB Game Ball is the official Olympic game ball for outdoor volleyball. Being the chosen ball for two Summer Olympics in a row is proof of the technology and reliability of Mikasa volleyball gear.

Mikasa has expanded into other sports throughout the years, but has never lost sight of the brand's focus: to be pioneers for the sport by continually pushing to make the ball better for all volleyball courts. It is a brand that athletics trust and want to play with!