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Mikasa  |  SKU: VSG

Mikasa VSG Glow in the Dark Outdoor Volleyball


This is a glow in the dark volleyball made to play among the stars. The cover of the Mikasa VSG Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Volleyball features SMART GLO technology so all of those long summer days can last well into summer nights. Made at regulation size and weight, and featuring a soft cover for a more comfortable hit this is the perfect volleyball for an evening on the beach.

  • This summer, the sky will be filled with stars and spikes! Summer campfires just got way more fun!
  • No more calling those games for darkness
  • "Endless Summer" just took on a whole new meaning
  • SMART GLO technology
  • Soft stitched cover
  • Mikasa glow in the dark volleyball has a 1-year warranty