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Mikasa  |  SKU: BV550C

Mikasa BV550C FIVB Official Outdoor Beach Pro Volleyball

$67.95 $72.95

The exclusive Official Beach Pro Game Volleyball of the FIVB. Replacing the VLS300, it is the next generation of beach volleyballs. With a dimpled ball surface for exceptional fingertip touch, improved water resistance, and all new valve system to lock out sand, the Mikasa BV550C has evolved from the VLS300. In addition, the use of synthetic leather made with recycled nylon and the elimination of solvent-based inks during production, the BV550C reduces it's environmental impact.

  • Enhanced grip and ball control
  • Superior dimpled composite cover
  • Ultimate water resistance
  • Mikasa BV550C Beach Pro volleyball has a sand-resistant valve core