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Tachikara  |  SKU: SVMNCPNK

Tachikara SVMNC Volley-Lite® Color Volleyball

Color: Pink/White

    Breaking in novice and young volleyball players using a lightweight ball with less bite fosters a love of the game. The Tachikara SVMNC Volley-Lite® Color Volleyball is regulation size but is lighter and made with brightly colored composite leather so it is softer and more visible on the court. Ideal for the youngest setters and spikers, this is an ideal starter ball.

  • The Tachikara Volley-Lite® game ball is produced in a regulation size and special light-weight
  • Will aid the novice player without fear of heavy ball impact
  • The colored panels allow for better visibility in a variety of indoor settings
  • Made of composite leather for a softer feel
  • Tachikara SVMNC Volley-Lite® volleyball is ideal for ages 12 and under
  • Weight is between 7.0-7.7 ounces.