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Sports Attack, LLC  |  SKU: SAATKSKL

Skill Attack Volleyball Training Machine

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The Skill Attack volleyball training machine is the perfect individual volleyball training tool with a ball release point of over 5', not from floor level like other volleyball machines. This small agile unit can easily and quickly be rolled anywhere on the court or in your backyard or garage. It offers a full range of spins to deliver every type of drill including serves with either sharp downspins or breaking floaters; accurate and consistent soft sets with no spin at any angle and height; and digging drills from the same side of the net with power and accuracy. This Skill Attack volleyball training machine will break down instantly for easy transportation, it will fit in the trunk of any car.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great product without the upgrade

We purchased Skill Attack machine with the budget that we have. While I'd prefer to upgrade this works great for our team and club. Boys and girls. Especially for our regional and local teams.

Great investment

While there's more expensive units out there the Skill is not cheap. However, it's a great investment. We use it more at home in the driveway than anywhere else. It allows our daughter to practice a lot of drills that would otherwise be done in the gym. We've also volunteered to bring it to practices as well. It's pretty compact and easy enough to transport. Wish kids sports these days weren't so expensive, but such is life.

James Haw...
great for youth and competitive volleyball

We purchased for our parish as we're always short handed so it's been a blessing. This thing is perfect for the younger players. We also use it for my older son's team. There are some other options for high level competition, but works great for fundamental drills 12-18 set (as far as I'm concerned).


These are certainly an investment, but when your program can only afford 1.5 coaches this is a life saver. I can get through drills much faster and provide my players with better training. Highly recommend.

Mary - WCVB
I have two

I've got one for club and one for private training. Must have. Durable, quality machine that is perfect for my juniors.