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Molten  |  SKU: IV5F3

Molten Flistatec Classic IV5F-3 Volleyball

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Molten products have always set a precedent for innovation. Now, Molten is excited to introduce the newest addition to its elite competition volleyball line, the IV5F-3. By combining the revolutionary Flight Stability Technology of the popular FLISTATEC with the classic elements of Molten's bestselling Super Touch, this ball is designed to give players the best of both worlds. The IV5F-3's textured microfiber cover enhances ball control, while its cotton wrapped construction maintains a soft feel on contact. Tradition meets innovation with the IV5F-3, transforming the way the game is played.

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  • This ball has been developed using Molten FLISTATEC technology, which stands for Flight Stability Technology, and is set to revolutionize volleyball design
  • The new Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball boasts increased ball control and improved visibility
  • By improving the air-current around the ball while in flight, Molten has succeeded in increasing ball control during play
  • Ground-breaking research by Molten revealed that by placing raised hexagonal shaped designs on the surface of the ball the manufacturer has been able to enhance the flight stability of the ball
  • Premium Micro-fiber composite cover
  • Cotton wrapper construction
  • Official size and weight
  • 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jim Wilson

Great ball! Old school look with the new school feel..

My New Favorite Out of the Box Vball

I'm a longtime Pro/Super Touch fan (along with the Tachi golds). I learned how to play on real leather balls, and like how they pass. They're also great in that you can adjust inflation levels easily to make passing easier or harder. I haven't really been enjoying the newer vballs (tried them all) so I kept searching for a new generation volleyball that I would like. I love this ball. This volleyball has also gotten very positive feedback from a variety of level of players that I play with, from beginners to current collegiate males. It feels relatively light and soft (and less dense) compared to some of the newer balls, feels like it's traditional size, and has great grip for setting. It passes very similar to older generation leather balls. Most importantly, it requires NO BREAK IN period.I would recommend this for all level of players, and also those who like the old school balls but want to transition to the new era.


great ball. allvolleyball is awesome.