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Mizuno  |  SKU: 440709BLKXXS

Mizuno Women's Elevated Short - 4" Inseam

Color: Black

The Elevated 4 Inch Volleyball Short is a game changer. This volleyball short was designed for you to focus on your game, not fidget with your shorts. The inseam in the back is slightly longer than the front, which allows you to stay in true defensive ready position without your short riding up. To compliment that defensive ready position, the wide, non-side-digging waistband of these Elevated shorts is slightly higher in the back. The soft, breathable fabric is held together by side seams which are angled, encouraging movement. The flat front gives you a seamless look and confidence

  • These shorts with 4-inch Inseam are made of 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex