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Tandem Sport  |  SKU: BCHSKINSXS

Beach Skins Volleyball Footwear

Color: Black

BEACH SKINS by Joust Sports are the latest beach volleyball sand socks. BEACH SKINS provide performance and protection for the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Fantastic relief against the elements is now available.

  • Why wear Joust Beach Volleyball Skins? Cause when the day heats up, your opponents will be running to the water's edge cryin' like little babies. On the other hand, you will be loving it out on the court, carving up the sand on your way to GLORY! (or somethin' like that)
  • BEACH SKINS volleyball sand socks' combination of insulating neoprene and breathable spandex provides the perfect balance between protection and comfort
  • The neoprene sole, toe, and heel sections not only provide insulation against heat, cold, and sharp objects, but they also ensure your BEACH SKINS will withstand harsh treatment
  • 4 Way stretch spandex upper provides the ultimate seal to keep out unwanted sand while allowing your feet breath on even the hottest days
  • Supratex coated sole combines tearproof Trevira fabric with high-grade neoprene
  • The hydrophobic coating avoids water absorption
  • Supratex products are extremely tough yet easy to care
  • Designed for use on sand or water
  • Sand Socks for Volleyball Washing Instructions: Warm machine wash, tumble dry low, do NOT bleach
  • Lycra: 80% Nylon/20% Spandex
  • Neoprene Sole: 90% Neoprene Rubber/10% Nylon