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Blazer  |  SKU: BLZ6073SCANO

Aluminum Universal 2-Pole Complete Volleyball System

Color: Scarlet
Choose Ground Sleeves

This product has a current lead time of approximately 2 weeks before shipping.

System Includes:

    • 2 – Aluminum Universal Poles
    • 2 – Ground Sleeves (Only with Ground Sleeve Option)
    • 1 – Rope Ratchet
    • 1 – Worm Gear
    • 1 – Competition Power Net
    • 1 – Folding judges stand with wheels
    • 1 – Pair deluxe antennas
    • All padding for cables, poles and judges stand
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      Poles are predrilled and adjusts easily for Men's (7' 11-5/8"), Women's (7' 4-1/8"), and Youth (7') official heights. Badminton (5') and tennis (3'). All collars are equipped with spring plungers for positive collar placement. Constructed of 3.5" O.D. aluminum tubing with 1/4" wall thickness. Net cable connects to the worm gear for safe and easy tightening and loosening. Winch strap comes with hooks for easy net attachment.

  • Only with the ground sleeve option: Standard 3.5" diameter X 12" depth ground sleeves - adaptors available (call Team Sales for more information)

Frequently asked questions:

What is the smallest circumference ground sleeves can be? 3" ID

What is the largest circumference ground sleeves can be? 4" ID

What is the shallowest depth ground sleeves can be? 8" Depth

What is the deepest dept ground sleeves can be? We can do about any depth. If it is over 12" we can always drop a spacer tube into the sleeve to compensate.