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Aluminum Ace 2-Pole Volleyball System - 3.5" - Net Not Included

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  • Super Pro Net with Tension Straps not included (recommended with this system)
  • Includes Poles, ground sleeves (only with the ground sleeve option), 1-worm gear and 1-rope ratchet
  • Poles are constructed of high strength extruded aluminum with a weight of 69lbs (total weight 92lbs)
  • The lightest, highest quality and most affordable system on the market
  • Adjusts easily for men's (7' 11-5/8"), women's (7' 4-1/8"), juniors (7') and youth (6'6") official heights
  • Constructed of 3.5" O.D. lower aluminum tubing
  • Winch straps come with hooks for easy net attachment
  • Lower net collars close with VELCRO® Brand fasteners
  • Only with the ground sleeve option: Standard 3.5" diameter X 12" depth ground sleeves - adaptors available (call Team Sales for more information)
  • Oversized item, additional shipping will be applied
  • Handling charges will be applied at checkout

Frequently asked questions:

What is the smallest circumference ground sleeves can be? 3" ID

What is the largest circumference ground sleeves can be? 4" ID

What is the shallowest depth ground sleeves can be? 8" Depth

What is the deepest dept ground sleeves can be? We can do about any depth. If it is over 12" we can always drop a spacer tube into the sleeve to compensate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I'm a gym teacher and middle school volleyball coach. We purchased the universal system and love that fact the net can go to the floor. Gives us more options in class. Strong system so I'm confident it will stand up to kids and players for many years.

exactly what we needed...

We bought these when we need to replace out old system. These are great. They are very light and we needed poles that could be switched out quickly as we often have the share the gym. Easy for my girls to take out quickly and install quickly.

Pretty good system. Great for the price!

Love the functionality of the system. Multiple heights is nice especially for institutional use. There are some features that I'd like to see, but it's hard to beat the price. Might not be the absolute best system for elite competition, but for most of us it works great.