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Best Volleyball Knee Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Best Volleyball Knee Pads: Frequently Asked Questions

Andrew Hubbard |

What's the difference in volleyball kneepads?

There are many different sizes, sleeve lengths and padding options available so you can pick the best volleyball knee pads for you. Asics kneepads come in Junior and Adult while the Mizuno Kneepads come in sizes such as Medium and Large. Sleeve lengths range from the longest 10" (Asics Slider Kneepad) to the shortest 5" (Nfinity D30 Kneepad). Padding also varies from kneepad to kneepad. We offer low profile kneepads such as the Mizuno VS-1 Kneepad and the Asics 3.0G Kneepad, and also full coverage kneepads such as the Asics Slider Kneepad and the Mizuno T10 Kneepad.

What is your shortest volleyball kneepad?

The kneepads with the shortest sleeve are the Asics Ace Kneepad, Asics Competition 4.0 G Kneepad, Nfinity D30 Kneepad and the Under Armour Switch Kneepad. The sleeves range from 5" to 6" long but offers complete patella, lateral, and medial protection.
ASICS low profile volleyball knee pads

Do you offer youth kneepads?

Absolutely! Our top brands offer many different styles (and in come cases colors) to choose from!
Youth volleyball knee pads

What is your best selling volleyball kneepad?

For ages 12 and under our best selling kneepad is the ASICS Ace Low Profile - JUNIOR. This kneepad is economically priced and offers the most coverage for young players just learning the game. For high school/college-aged players, our best selling kneepad is the Mizuno SL2. This kneepad offers a low profile design with strategically placed padding to provide increased patella, lateral, and medial protection. The Mizuno LR6 has been our best selling kneepad for men's volleyball of all ages.

Do we have discounts for quantity purchasing?

YES! We have quantity discount for nearly all of our items which are listed on the product page. We also offer our exclusive Forever Pricing Program for team customers.