Volleyball Uniform Printing Related Questions

What makes your team sales process different than your competitors?
Because volleyball is all we do, we've developed a unique understanding of how school and club volleyball works. We have an entire section of our website full of exclusive programs, offers and packages designed specifically with you in mind. Visit our TEAM section and discover why we are true volleyball team experts. Save Time. Save Money. Win Big.

I'm ready to pick out my gear, but we don't have our teams selected. How can I know I'll receive my order on time?
This is perhaps the biggest obstacle for teams and clubs, but we guarantee you’ll have your team gear by game day. We’re so confident we’ll put our money where our mouth is. Learn more about our Game Day Guarantee!

Why do you charge a $10 less than minimum fee?
We charge a less than minimum fee for a couple different reasons. The first is because aside from the actual decorating of the garment the time it takes to coordinate, order, process and ship a team order is about the same regardless if it’s one jersey or a full team’s worth. All of our printing prices are based on a full team so if there are less than six items we will actually lose money. By applying a less than minimum fee it helps absorb some of those losses. The second reason is because many of our manufacturers and vendors we use for team orders have less than minimum fees that we get charged and in turn, have to pass on. Because we have to sometimes use two or more manufacturers / vendors for an order it’s important that we recoup some of those costs. The good news is; however, that if you are placing a fill in order we will waive the fee. The only caveat is you will be responsible for paying the retail price for the item and not the original team price. We hope that this seems fair, but if not let us know and we’ll do our best to work something out.

I don’t have 2-3 weeks for printing. What are my options?
If you need your order sooner than 2-3 weeks we can do a couple things. First, we suggest shipping the items directly to a local printer. Because our core business is volleyball (and not printing), a local screen printer is probably not as busy as us during volleyball season and can sometimes squeeze in a rush job. While you are working out details with your local printer we can coordinate the order and make sure your items arrive on time.

If that’s not an option we can sometimes push orders through in a couple days, but there may be rush charges added. If you’re more interested in the second option give us a call at (888) 962-7077 during normal business hours to discuss the details of your order. You can also send an email to service@allvolleyball.com.

I’d rather do my printing in town. Can you help me coordinate with a local printer?
Absolutely! Because we are familiar with printing processes and uniform regulations, we often times can help our customers gather all the necessary details to pass along to their local printer.

Why does volleyball uniform printing take 2-3 weeks?
The primary reason the process can take 2 weeks is because we (and most companies in our industry) don’t stock all the items that we offer. So when an order is placed, many times we will have to have this item special ordered from the manufacturer. On average, that can take 3-5 business days to receive those items. Once received, we have to allow 1-2 weeks for printing and a couple days of transit time. (Please keep in mind 2-3 weeks for turnaround is quicker than most in our industry)

Why can logo and Player Name printing take longer than Team Name printing?
The main reason logo and player name printing takes longer is because most artwork is not “set up” properly. In order to get the colors, lines and clarity of custom artwork ready for printing we need to have the original file the artwork was created in and it needs to be saved in a vector file. Because most of our customers don’t have this type of file we have to re-create or touch-up the artwork which can take several hours depending on the complexity of the logo. From there we have to develop pricing and get customer approval.

Additionally, player names take longer because there is more coordination involved we have to match up specific apparel to the names. With a team name all the jerseys get the same application which makes the process much quicker.

What is a vector file?
A vector file is a specific way your artwork is saved. Most people are more familiar with files such as a jpg, gif, png, doc. The reason a vector file is so important is that it gives us the ability to make the artwork bigger or smaller without damaging the image quality. It will also give us the ability to correct any colors, lines, etc that may be necessary when developing the printing process. Without a vector, while not impossible, making the necessary adjustments is more difficult.

Are there any jerseys that you can print and ship quicker?
Absolutely! Just give us a call (888) 962-7077, send an email or click on “Chat Now” for help. We’ll let you know what inventory levels are and how quickly we can send a completed volleyball jersey order out. In some cases this can be in just a couple business days, but we will confirm exact times.

If I don’t have a logo, can you create one for me?
We have standard logo designs that you can see on our Uniform Personalization page. You can order through our personalization tool by selecting “Choose from library” when selecting your options for logos. A team sales representative will be in touch once you submit your order to go over colors, team name, etc. and send you a proof to above before continuing with your order.

What type of printing do you offer on volleyball warm ups, bags and shorts?
We can offer basically anything that we can for volleyball jerseys. Generally speaking for warm ups, teams request a left chest 1-color team name with a number directly under it. The pants are usually decorated with the number on the right leg. For bags, duffles are decorated on the top flap and backpacks on the front compartment. Shorts are decorated on the right leg.

I need to change my original order. Why is it subject to additional fees?
Many of the volleyball uniforms (jerseys, warm ups, bags, shorts, etc.) we offer aren't stocked in large enough quantities to outfit all the clubs/teams we work with. When a team places an order we usually have to ship those quantities from the manufacturer to our location so we can apply the personalizations.

When orders are changed we either have to order additional pieces (and be charged a less than minimum fee from the manufacturer) or we are left with items we have to send back to the manufacturer (and be charged a restocking fee). When this happens there are additional costs and potential delays. While we’re happy to accommodate any request, we just want our customers to be aware there could be additional costs and delays.

Do we have discounts for quantity purchasing?
YES! We have quantity discount for nearly all of our items which are listed on the product page. We also offer our exclusive Forever Pricing Program for team customers.
Quantity discounts