Finding the Best Volleyball Shoe for You

What makes a volleyball shoe a volleyball shoe?
Most importantly what makes a volleyball shoe a volleyball shoe is the gum rubber sole giving it superior traction over a running or cross training shoe. Additionally volleyball shoes are designed for side-to-side movement allowing the player to react quicker. Lastly, there is more padding in the forefront of the shoe to aid in shock absorption from the constant jumping and landing.
Volleyball shoes

What is the difference between Asics and Mizuno volleyball shoes?
Asics Volleyball shoes tend to be made slightly wider than the Mizuno Volleyball shoes. Styles differ year to year but typically Asics Volleyball shoes are made of more mesh for better breathability and Mizuno Volleyball shoes are made of more leather giving them better durability. Two great examples are Asics Gel Upcourt and Mizuno Wave Lightning.
ASICS volleyball shoes
Mizuno volleyball shoes

Why are some volleyball shoes more expensive than others?
The major difference in the cost of volleyball shoes is technology and production. Each volleyball shoe we offer has advanced technology designed specifically for volleyball players. Moreover, the cost of the technology, time, research and development that goes into the shoe often affects how difficult it is to produce the shoe, therefore adding more cost. All of our volleyball shoes offer advanced technology at different price levels. If you have any questions about which volleyball shoe is right for you please call (888) 962-7077 or click "Chat Now" to chat online for the best team sales and customer service in the industry.
Volleyball shoe technology

How much do volleyball shoes weigh?
Generally women’s volleyball shoes will range between 9.2 and 11.0 ounces and men’s volleyball shoes will range between 11.2 ounces and 15.0 ounces; however, the weight of a shoe really depends on the make, model, style, size and manufacturer. Additionally, below all product description the weight of each shoe is listed. For Asics this weight is based on a Men’s size 9 and a Women’s size 7 shoes.

How come there are no wide volleyball shoes?
At this point in time no manufacturers produce a wide volleyball shoe. Asics shoes tend to be wider in general than Mizuno shoes, especially in the toe box. We can also suggest trying a Men’s shoe if you wear a Women’s shoe.

Are there youth volleyball shoes?
ASICS and Mizuno are the only manufacturers that offers a youth volleyball shoe. Click here to see the youth shoes we offer.
Youth volleyball shoes

Do we have discounts for quantity purchasing?
YES! We have quantity discount for nearly all of our items which are listed on the product page. We also offer our exclusive Forever Pricing Program for team customers.
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