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Uniform Sublimation

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation takes on a different process than personalization with printing or embroidering.

A sublimated jersey begins as a white bolt fabric. Once the design of the jersey is selected, all colors and decorations are dyed directly into the fabric. This includes numbers, logos and names. Each jersey is then hand cut and sewn. This process is repeated for each jersey or short in an order.

What Are the Benefits of Sublimation?

Why would someone choose sublimation over other types of jersey customization?

Sublimation is perhaps a safer long-term option. Because the color and decoration is dyed into the fabric, the decorations will last longer. Jerseys that are sublimated are also made of fabrics that are stronger than others, making the overall jersey a more comfortable, durable nature.

Sublimated jerseys are also made on demand, meaning that available inventory is always guaranteed.

Like printed or embroidered jerseys, sublimated jerseys also feature many decorating options. However, sublimated jerseys feature more customization options.

Each sublimated jersey can take on a completely unique look, giving your team the best looking jersey on the court.

Should I Sublimate My Jerseys?

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