Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Working out because you hate your body can be a great initial motivation. But what happens when you slip? When you stuff yourself with junk food while watching your favorite show? When you missed a workout – not one day, but two days? Your first reaction might be to give up. Grab for that extra bag of chips. Turn off your alarm and skip your workout for a third day in a row After all, you failed…didn't you?

If you think about it…the only failure in this scenario is giving up. So you had some not-so-good food…not the end of the world! You missed two days of working out…so what?!

If you let this be a learning experience, you can turn it in to something positive. That can be hard, especially if a negative motivation is your ONLY motivator (ex. because I hate my body). It is so much easier to be too hard on yourself, to be negative at your actions or lack-thereof, when the ONLY thing driving you is negativity.

That is why it is so, so, SO important that, instead of hating your body, that you love your body for what it is and for what it can be.

Instead of hating your "thunder thighs," thrown them some appreciation: "these quads kept me in my ready position for 4 years of college volleyball."

Instead of wishing you didn't have "bingo-flabby arms," be proud of all the ace serves you have made during this past club season.

Instead of wishing your "cankles" away, remember how muscular they are to help you reach higher on your block by increasing your vertical.

Train. Be fit. Workout. Because you love your body enough to want to celebrate it and keep improving it.

You can love your body, even if you have goals of change in mind. Keep it positive. Keep it simple. Keep going. Do not surrender to negativity. Be patient. Work hard. And above all, love your body for what it is, what it can do, and what it can be. Love yourself.