Fox 40 Classic Whistle - Cushion Mouth Grip
Item #: FOX40CMG

Fox 40 Classic Whistle - Cushion Mouth Grip

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  • The "Lexus" of whistles. Don't let the cushion, which has been called the "Temperpedic" of mouth cushions, go to your head. The pea-less design allows for maximum noise.
  • With the loudest, shrillest penetrating power, Fox 40's patented pea-less design is the whistle of choice for professional and amateur sport federations worldwide
  • Cushioned Mouth Grip(CMG) enhances the original Fox 40 Classic
  • Innovative thermoplastic material provides superior grip and protection for your teeth
  • Better grip, better control


By Kevin
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Good Whistle
Best whistle available. If you officiate a lot like I do, you need the cushioned tip. Lasts for a long time and dishwasher safe.


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The Fox 40 Cushion Mouth Grip Whistle is one of our best whistles on the market. The cushioned mouth grip makes it comfortable for resting the whistle in your mouth during long periods of time. The cushion also makes it very easy on your teeth. This cushion material is not only made to be comfortable for you but it also there to give you a better grip and easy control of the whistle. This is the best choice of whistle when it comes to professional volleyball refereeing. It is durable, high pitched and easy to use.

One really nice feature of this whistle is that it is pea-less.  By it being pea-less this not only makes it very high pitched but also water proof. Whistles that require a pea on the inside for sound are not water proof because once they are wet the pea may stick to the inside walls of the whistle. The best advantage of having a pea-less whistle is the sound it makes. This whistle can produce an extremely loud sound that is easy to control and also can be heard from a mile away.  Sound can project form this whistle with even the slightest amount of air blown into it.

The cost of this whistle is a little bit pricier than most but the extra money is worth it with all of the pros of the whistle. Along with the whistle you will also receive a strong metal key ring so you can attach your whistle to a lanyard or even your keys. On our website we have many different kinds of lanyards to choose from for keeping track of your whistle. Our favorite lanyards are the Polyester Volleyball Lanyards. These lanyards are soft and comfortable without scratching or irritating skin.