Where the Game Begins: From 3rd Grader to Game Changer

Scott's Jersey

Touzinsky was just another third grader playing volleyball at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, when he started. Awkward, new and hesitant are usually words associated with beginners, especially for a grade-schooler trying something for the first time!

Scott Touzinsky's earliest volleyball memory occurred in 4th grade, when his team was playing another local school. Touzinsky's team lost…pretty bad. Okay, very bad. According to him, the reason they lost is because his coach made them use all three contacts, every play, every time, no matter the score.

(Side Note: While it is a hard lesson for young players to learn, it is so important to learn how to use three hits at a young age. It is better to lose more matches then to practice poor volleyball play. This is the foundation upon which you build the rest of your volleyball skills!

Touzinsky's coach understood that the number of wins and losses are only numbers that will soon be forgotten as the years progress. The coach made sure the team practiced this too, because "in the end it will make you better volleyball players."

(Wow, could his coach have been any more spot on for Scott Touzinsky!?!)

Another fond volleyball memory of Touzinsky's took place at All Volleyball, Inc. at our first retail location. It is one that many players might share: purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes! It was the first time young Touzinsky came in and it wasn't his last! He grew to be a close customer and friend to the owners of All Volleyball, Inc. Touzinsky stops in whenever he is home in St. Louis as a "thank you" for being a place where he could go to foster his love of the game.

As he grew old (well…and taller), Touzinsky quickly excelled at volleyball. He played club volleyball for Missouri Thunder during the high school off seasons. Touzinsky played high school ball at Vianney High School, where he was a member of 4 State Championship Teams.

(Started the Championship Trend early…Perhaps foreshadowing for things to come?!)

The gold medalist left his St. Louis, MO roots for sunny California after high school. He played at Long Beach State and was a first team All American and multiple school single season records holder.

Touzinsky has played on the US Men's National team for 6 years, including a Gold Medal Finish at the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008.

(I don't know about you, but I was glued to the TV during the Summer Olympics. The thrill of seeing the United States clench the match for the Gold Medal, made my sleep-deprived work shift the day 100% worth it. Seeing our flag and the Gold Medals gleaming on our athletes – especially the familiar face of Touzinsky's – was an amazing event to witness, even from thousands of miles away in my living room!!!)

Now a renowned world-traveler, Touzinsky has played professionally 9 years in Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Belgium and currently in Berlin, Germany.

From third grader to game-changer to champion with a Gold Medal, Scott Touzinksy will always have a special place in the history of All Volleyball, Inc. His US jersey hangs proudly on our wall in our retail space immortalizing his achievements, that all started in a city called Saint Louis and at a place called All Volleyball.

Every player who has had interaction with us, whether shopping online, in the retail store or on our social media, means so much to us. Plus, you never know whether that shy little third grader, with the knobby knees and too big kneepads, will turn into a United States Olympian standing on the podium, as the Star Spangled Banner plays in the background, with a Gold Medal around his neck.

This is Where the Game Begins. All Volleyball, Inc.