What to Name Your Volleyball Team

What to Name Your Volleyball Team

The name you give your volleyball team will say a lot about the personality of your players. Sometimes, coming up with a team name that fits is one of the biggest challenges when forming a new team. You want to choose a moniker that captures your persona and shows everyone who you are. A blasé or ill-fitting name is a missed opportunity.

Funny Names - Does your team have a sense of humor? Do you laugh and have a great time on the court? If so, you might want to come up with a tag that makes you and everyone else smile. Some funny volleyball team names others have used include:

• A Little Bump N Grind

• Kiss my Ace

• Net Results

• Will Work for Sets

• Notorious D.I.G.

• How I Set Your Mother

• Two Bump Chumps

• All Sets Are Off


Spicy Names - Is your volleyball team a bit on the spicy side? If you and your teammates love innuendos, then you might want to heat it up a bit with a name similar to these actual team names:

• SET-sy and We Know It

• Some Spike It Hot

• Served Hot


Two-Syllable Names - Because most chants and cheers are designed around two-syllable names, you might want to think of some fun names with two syllables. Here are some that might work:

• Shockers

• Spikers

• Quakers

• Shakers

• Ripples

• Tremblers

• Hit-Faced

• Spiked Punch


Regional Names - Do you live near the ocean? If so, you might want to come up with a beach-like name. Maybe you live in California near Hollywood, so want to use some movie references. Perhaps you live in an area of the country known for major storms. Here are some tags that reference the regional:

• Serves Up!

• Sandy Shorts

• Sets on the Beach

• The Sand Eaters

• Planet Volleywood

• Serv-ivors

• Block You Like a Hurricane


Competitive Names -Maybe your teammates are all about winning, and you want other teams and any spectators who are in the audience to know you are a force to contend with. If so, you can come up with a name that will let them know who you are before you even start to play. Consider these:

• Spikological Warfare

• Death at the Net

• Ball Busters

• Scared Hitless

• Bump, Set, Psych


A volleyball team’s name should reflect its individuality. Take some time to get creative and choose one that makes you laugh, gives you pride, and/or adds some fun and spirit to the game, because that’s what it’s all about. Here’s one last name to consider, and it’s also a nice philosophy: May the Spike Be With You.