Jump Higher with These Volleyball Workouts

Jump Higher with These Volleyball Workouts

If you want to get faster and stronger on the volleyball court, there are workouts tailored to help you achieve your goals. Plyometric exercises can reduce your reaction time, increase your speed, and help you build strength to use to your advantage during a game. The trick to becoming a force on the court is to begin exercising a couple months before the season starts. It’s important to practice these volleyball workouts regularly in order to enhance your abilities as a player. Start each workout with 15 minutes of cardio-warm-up, and then do 15 repetitions of each of the following exercises. Another option would be to invest in our SKLZ training equipment.


Knee Tuck Jump

This exercise helps you sprint faster and jump higher, because it engages your body’s strength in a short amount of time:

• Stand with your feet apart.

• Jump straight upward.

• When you leave the ground, raise your knees.

• Extend legs to land.


Lateral Jump

This jump tones butt, thighs, and hips, plus strengthen ankles and knee joints:

• Stand with feet together.

• Keep arms at sides.

• Jump to the right.

• Land on right foot, and squat.

• Push off with the right foot, land on the left one, and repeat cycle.


Mountain Climber

This exercise is also called a Rabbit Chaser. It tones the entire body and burns calories:

• Stand on your toes and hands in pushup position.

• Hold position while bringing one knee under your body and toward chest.

• Push off the ground with both feet.

• Keep the motion continuous.


Broad Jump

These jumps build massive strength in the leg muscles:

• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

• Squat and jump forward as far as you can.

• When you land, repeat as quickly as possible.



This technique tones legs, core and burns calories. To perform the exercise:

• Squat from a standing position.

• Place hands palm down outside your feet.

• Hop up and then jump straight up.

• Drop to a squat again.


Squat Jack

This maneuver is a combination of a jumping jack and a wall sit. It burns calories and builds leg

muscles. To do a squat jack:

• Stand with feet together.

• Squat down.

• Hop with your feet apart, and then hop them back together.


Agility Dots

This technique builds ankle strength and increases speed and stamina. To perform this exercise:

• Imagine a one-foot by one-foot square.

• Hop sideways from dot to dot.


Squat Jump

The final exercise in this routine is the squat jump, which entails:

• Lowering to a squat as if sitting in a chair.

• Pushing up with as much power as possible.


Follow this routine with a cool down and stretching period, in order to avoid injury. In two months, you’ll notice a big difference in your athletic ability on the volleyball court.

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Source: https://www.fitnessblender.com