Floor Tape

Floor Tape

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  • Floor Tape-2" x 60 yd/roll (180 feet)
  • Two rolls of the floor tape will be enough to line an entire court (approximately 272 feet)
  • Vinyl plastic marking tape for gym floors is easy to apply and remove
  • For straight lines or curves
  • For safest removal, remove floor tape very slowly at a 45 degree angle


By Kaleigh
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Great Product!
We bought this tape to use for our collegiate volleyball practice. It is a great product because it is easy to use, the colors stand out, and, most importantly, it did not pull up the finish on our floor. We pulled it up slowly, at a 45 degree angle as directly by an All Volleyball, and no finish came up. I definitely recommend this floor tape!
Team Member: Yes, it is best to pull the tape up slowly and at a 45 degree angle for the best results, according to our manufacturer. Thanks for the review!


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Floor Tape is one of those items it seems many people do not think about until it’s too late. While its main task is to mark the court lines, this tape has so many more uses than that. It is great to leave markers on the court for teaching young players where each position is. It is perfect to show where foot placement should be for different hit approaches, such as a slide, a back set, or even a backrow attack. This is also perfect to help run drills where foot placement is crucial, to mark a pathway on a gym floor, or to make a quick foot ladder on the ground (but if you would prefer a ladder you do not have to tape down, the SKLZ Quick Ladder or SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro is a great option!).

My coaches loved having this in multiple colors. This is because if your court was lined in white tape and you only had white tape to run a drill, your lines may become confused. That is why having them in the differing colors is great too because it helps keep coaches organized during their drills and to indicate what each line is used for. The quality of this tape is great and it doesn’t pull up the wax finish on your gym floors as long as you pull at a 45 degree angle.

While you are setting up your court, you may need to set up your net too. For that, I say check out the Net Setter. This is great to instantly help you set your net to the correct height whether it is a men’s height, women’s height, or junior’s height. To help with your nets tension as well, I recommend Net Tension Straps. These help ensure that there is no drooping with the net and keeps it nice and tight during play.