Teammates are your family

There are few stronger bonds than those between teammates. No one can quite understand all the emotional, physical, mental ups and downs that you experience throughout the season quite like your teammates can.

Teammates are your family. They put up with you when you are at your worst, when you are stinky and sweaty from an all day tournament, or tired and crabby from the 5:00am wake-up-call to get ready for conditioning practice. Teammates also celebrate you when you are at your best, after making that amazing dig down the line to extend the rally or after getting a kill for match point.

They are there to help you out, when you are just not on your game. Volleyball is a team sport, and without your teammates you couldn't go anywhere. As much as you need them, they also need you.

And because you are THEIR teammate, you are happy to return all favors.

I am thankful for my teammates.

To those that play beside me.

Thank you for always having my back,

And being my volleyball family.