Dear Coach,


Dear Coach,

I am thankful for your commitment to our team. For the hours of film I know you watched, for the sleepless nights when your mind couldn't settle after our loss. For the carefully designed practice plans. For your (seemingly) obnoxiously high expectations of me, my teammates and our program.

I am thankful that you strengthened the bond between my teammates and I, by making us hate you at times. I am thankful for the hours of serve receive and for you picking out all the flaws in my passing form…each…and…every…time.

I am thankful that you took the time to explain to us where, when, and why. My volleyball IQ only increased because of you, helping me as a player and eventually as a coach.

I am thankful for the high fives, the "good jobs," and the "see-what-happens-when-you-listen-to-me-I-told-you-it-would-work" looks from the bench.

I may never be 100% thankful for the hundreds of "suicide" sprints we ran in college or the 6:00 AM practices before the sun came up, but I am thankful for the player, coach, and person I am because of you.

For all of that and more, I thank you, Coach.