Poem: Sand Volleyball by the Numbers

One volleyball bouncing around

Two against Two, work to keep the ball off the ground

Three hits is all you can use per side

Four judges watching, including one up high

Five seconds to serve once the whistle blows

Six different ways to legally contact the ball, you know

Seven points to switch sides, to keep things fair

Eight players' eyes hold the stare of the ball in the air

Nine ounces is the standard weight of the ball

Ten toes in the sand, giving it their all

The teams play until set point, good ol' number Twenty-One

It's best Two of Three sets, then the match is done.

(P.S. the sets could always go longer, 'cause you have to win by Two)

But that just means more volleyball, so that'll do ☺

B.G. 6/12/2013