Poem: Hustle and Loud

Hustle and Loud

The ball had a hard time finding its way,

Over the net and into play

For she started when she was little,

Dreaming of growing up to be a Middle.

"Hustle!" They said each time.

"Be Loud!" They said when you call "Mine!"

On the court she continually did her best,

While hoping her growth would do the rest.

Well, her height never reached all that tall.

Then one day her coach called to all,

And talked about a Libero, new to the game

Handed her a different jersey, so as not to look the same.

As a defensive specialist, she was quick to the ball

Every practice, every match, she gave it her all.

Into college, she played on defense each day.

Tough and quick was her style of play.

All it took was a habit of "Hustle" and "Loud!"

For this young player to make her team proud.

Of her hard work and heart that helped along the way,

Earning her a college spot to play.

Looking at this, you never can know!

As this goes to show,

That Volleyball Dreams can come true.

Just not always in the way you want them to.

B.G. 5/6/13