Poem: A Recipe for Teamwork

To take a group of individuals, and call them a Team,

First, mix in some Cooperation to work toward the same dream.

Add in some Determination combined with Trust.

Don't forget Composure under pressure, keeping that is a must!

Next, add a pinch of Focus combined with Soul.

Make sure to stir in enough Guidance, to continue toward that goal

Now take that objective and keep it in mind,

While meshing Personalities into one of a kind!

A strong Work Ethic is ideal for this sort.

Then combine it with a loving Passion for the sport.

Don't forget to add Persistence, an important treat,

So the team never backs down until the job is complete.

A sprinkle of Spirit and a dab of Desire are next on the list.

Don't forget to add Reason and Accountability to the mix!

Now measure out just enough Strive,

To compliment their Talents, Heart, and Drive.

Finally stir together, give them a chance to Believe.

In themselves, and in one another, so they can – and will – Succeed.