PINK PRIDE: What It Means to Us

As teams and opponents battle it out on the courts, remember why you are wearing PINK. You may be opponents on the court, but by showing our PINK PRIDE, we are essentially one team. One team in the fight against one of our biggest rivals: Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A time for awareness of what could happen, a time of fighting for a cure, and a time for celebration of our Breast Cancer survivors. Many volleyball teams and clubs show off their PINK PRIDE by dressing head-to-toe in pink and raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.

Although we all have a common goal, PINK PRIDE can mean different things to each and every one of us. Some of us think of a loved one. Some of us think of our own battle with breast cancer. Others think of ways to raise money to help decrease the risk. Here is what some of our All Volleyball Team Members said when we raised the question: What does PINK PRIDE mean to you?


Our Lord let me witness three very dear people survive cancer, I used to be terrified, I am now FEARLESS. Only through the grace of God. -Kriss, Owner


A hug. A held hand. A smile. A moment of levity in a time of pain. These all can define the word. For we would all stand in the dark if it not for the shimmering light that peers at the end of the tunnel. –Adam, IT Dept


With struggle and hardship you realize how powerful LOVE is and how much actually exist in your life. –Corey, Business Development

My favorite quote is from Willa Cather and it goes like this: "Where there is great LOVE, there are always miracles." With the LOVE of family and friends, miracles can happen, which in the fight against Breast Cancer can be a cure. –Molly, Team Sales/Social Media Team Leader


This fight against breast cancer would feel empty if you don't BELIEVE in a cure or the cause. Anything is possible if you BELIEVE. –Brittany, Team Sales / Social Media Team


By coming together, we can fight as one team and find a cure for breast cancer. –Laura, Retail Manager


The will to fight and face cancer head on takes a sense of COURAGE that is unknown to many. The courage that those who are fighting contain is undeniably one of a kind.–Kara, Team Sales / Social Media Team


It takes a strong woman to battle breast cancer. The STRENGTH to fight, the STRENGTH to survive, the STRENGTH to live. –Samantha, Accounts Payable / Social Media Team