Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball
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Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball

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Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball Green/White/Red

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    Once in a while a ball comes along that pushed the game of volleyball further than it has gone before. The Molten V5M5000 Flistatec Volleyball is that ball. Made with a revolutionary Flistatec Flight Stability Technology, this ball improves the way air moves around it for increased control, and the addition of three panels on each side of the ball for better visibility and a smoother rotation. The cover features a softer, thicker microfiber layer with a hexagon pattern and nylon wound layer for increased grip and improved control and accuracy with overhand passing. The technology in this ball changes the game of volleyball as we know it.

  • This ball has been developed using Molten FLISTATEC technology, which stands for Flight Stability Technology, this ball is approved by FIVB and is set to revolutionize volleyball design
  • The new FLISTATEC Volleyball boasts increased ball control and improved visibility
  • By improving the air-current around the ball while in flight, Molten has succeeded in increasing ball control during play
  • Ground-breaking research by Molten revealed that by placing raised hexagonal shaped designs on the surface of the ball the manufacturer has been able to enhance the flight stability of the ball
  • Further improvements include the adding of a softer, thicker micro-fiber layer to the ball which, when combined with the secure nylon wound layer and the uniquely designed hexagon surface layer, increases the grip and allows for firmer, more accurate overhand passing
  • In addition, Molten has improved the visibility of this new ball by placing three streamlined panels on each side of the volleyball, complementing Molten's existing panels of white, red and green, and thereby creating a smoother rotation motion and greatly enhancing visibility
  • FIVB Approved
  • Official volleyball of NORCECA
  • Official volleyball of the 2014 USAV Adult National Championships
  • Premium micro-fiber composite cover
  • Nylon wound
  • Official size and weight
  • 2-year warranty


By silver fox
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Before Expected
dont judge a book by its cover
does not handle well
By Droid
Delivery Time:
Best. Flight. Ever.
I bought this ball to see if there's a passable competion-level ball available that doesn't say Pro Touch on it. Success! If you hit a heavy float or top spin serve, this is your ball. If you are a hard hitter who can hit spots at will, this is your ball. If you bruise easily or prefer a slow to mid-paced game, I wouldn't recommend it. The Pro Touch is my favorite ball on the market, but with age it becomes like the sun-wizened flesh of an elderly woman with a tanning fetish. This will keep its tack through a full lifetime of abuse.
By volleyballs
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
This is a great ball; I would recommend it to anyone who plays at a competitive level. I play at a high level of competition, and this is the ball of choice. It lasts longer than any of molten's other balls, and it DOES allow for greater ball control. Hand passing is much smoother, and i enjoy setting this ball more than any other. I feel like i have so much more control in every aspect of my game with this ball, whether it be hand passing, setting, forearm passing, hitting (left handed or right handed), or serving (float and top-spin)! Desperation plays don't have to be so sloppy anymore... I'm able to make something out of nothing more frequently with this ball.
By Shauna
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Before Expected
This product met up to our expectations and my son is excited he received for Christmas. Thanks for the speedy delivery too!
By Nathanael
Delivery Time:
Molten Flistatec V5M5000 Volleyball
I was amazed at the first service and good customer care. I damaged the needle for my pump and they gave me a new pump that arrived within the week I made the complain. The service is really amazing.
By Martin Contino
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Great Deal!!
I recently ordered this ball. It was shipped incredible fast, getting from its midwest facillity to eastern pa in about two days. I was really excited, the ball came all pumped up and ready to go. It has a beautiful feel to it, being a bit softer then the pro touch and the super touch. I cant wait to use it at practice. The price was totally worth it for delivery and feel alone.
By Will
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
excellent condition
Item was received in perfect condition!
By Kia thao
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
I love this volleyball. I love the colors and the ball itself. Moreover it's a great volleyball to own and play.
By Sam
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Excellent product. As advertised. A Great company to buy from.
By Dan
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Great Ball
I bought 6 balla for my club team and the balls really help us get the feel of what reall volleyball is.
By Er
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Great ball, great store
Probably my favorite microfiber ball. I bought a few of them for myself and for friends. It feels nice and grippy gives very good feedback on contact. AllVolleyball is a great site to order from. The balls came quickly and in good condition ready to use. Would recommend.
Team Member: Thanks so much for posting a review. We're glad you found what you were looking for...and we're sure your friends are too! Enjoy!
By Rich
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Amazing ball
It is an amazing ball and this company is amazing at getting it on time.
By joe mama
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
that's it, who watches haikyuu or is cosplaying haikyuu, 'fess up. also i have this volleyball, if you're looking for a review this is actually a really good volleyball-
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