Molten Flistatec USAV V5M5000-3USA Volleyball
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Molten Flistatec USAV V5M5000-3USA Volleyball

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Molten Flistatec USAV V5M5000-3USA Volleyball Red/White/Blue

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  • Official volleyball of USA Volleyball
  • Official volleyball of the 2014 USAV Boys' Junior National Championships
  • This ball has been developed using Molten FLISTATEC technology, which stands for Flight Stability Technology, and is set to revolutionize volleyball design
  • The new Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball boasts increased ball control and improved visibility
  • By improving the air-current around the ball while in flight, Molten has succeeded in increasing ball control during play
  • Ground-breaking research by Molten revealed that by placing raised hexagonal shaped designs on the surface of the ball the manufacturer has been able to enhance the flight stability of the ball
  • Further improvements include the adding of a softer, thicker micro-fiber layer to the ball which, when combined with the secure nylon wound layer and the uniquely designed hexagon surface layer, increases the grip and allows for firmer, more accurate overhand passing
  • Premium Micro-fiber composite cover
  • Nylon wound
  • Official size and weight
  • 2-year warranty


Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Molten Flistatec USA VB
Great ball! I purchased a few weeks back and I use it weekly. It has a great feel and great moevement.
By Ken
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Official ball
This is the official ball for USA volleyball and at a great price. Great feel and workmanship.
By Matt
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Great ball.
Ball is awesome, even better than expected. I was a bit skeptical to get a synthetic ball instead of a leather one but I'm very glad I went with this one.
By Phil
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Took Too Long
Exselent product
Our group of friends get together three times a week to play wally style volleyball in a racket court. In the middle of South America, "very hot", We were using a Mikasa ball unit we tried this Molten. What a difference. We were always trying to dry the sweat off of the Mikasa because it would become slippery. The Molten doesn't become slippery. We have noticed that we were able to get more use out of the Mikasa, say about three years playing only on decent courts, as compared to the one year with the Moltens. But the feel , and the control under sweaty conditions makes the Molten the ball of choice. It's no wonder why it wears out first. The Mikasa has been retired to the bag for the little ones to play with while the parents are in the court. Great job Molten with the Flistatec series of balls.
By Gentry Carter
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Great ball. Came so fast. I expected a week based on most online shopping, but allvolleyball got it to my doorstep in 3 days. Yay.
By Stephen L. keys
Delivery Time:
Volley ball
Great products, and easy topurchase
By David
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Good vball
Not too hard. Good bounce.
By Dakota
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Fine Indoor Ball
I've used many Molten indoor balls in the past. They do not feel like this one. This has a soft, squishy layer that makes it not as smooth and hard as the others I've played with. However, it's not as soft and squishy as any "soft touch" or composite leather indoor balls like Tachikara or Wilson make. It was less expensive and still works well, so I'm not upset. It just make me wonder what material it's made out of and why it's so different. There are also parts where the red, white, and blue don't completely touch. It doesn't always feel as firm as I want it to, either, but I think that "give" when I push on it to check the air pressure has to do with its material. My team's had fun using it the last two weeks, and it reacts the way other indoor balls do. I'm just glad it's not softer because I hate playing with those.
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