Molten First Touch Volleyball - V140
Item #: V140

Molten First Touch Volleyball - V140

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  • Perfect volleyball to teach young players the fundamentals
  • Ideal for players 10 & under
  • Soft cloth and foam cover
  • 5.0 Ounces


By Kerry More
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
The name says it all
This is a good "first" volleyball. It keeps my three year old busy while I run drills during practice. The cloth cover is a good idea, making it virtually harmless.
By S Glenn
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Outer covering
These balls are great for the younger kids. Very light and they don't hurt their skin. The only thing we didn't realize is that they are actually fabric. When we read "soft cloth and foam cover", we didn't understand that as being actual fabric. Hopefully they won't get too dirty. Other than that, I highly recommend them for the younger kids.
By Jack
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Very light
This ball is not a Volley light. It's a lot lighter. Good quality and the kids love it, but don't expect this to substitute for the Tachikara or Molten u-12 volleyball.
By Tracy Dudley
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Took Too Long
Shipping to slow
Here's why I say too slow shipping. I searched for these balls on the internet looking for who could ship them fastest. I ordered on March 3, and needed them by March 9 for a huge event at an elementary school (I didn't know about the 3/9 event until 3/3). When it says "in stock orders ship same-day", I thought we'd get them just in time. It turned out, these balls came from the manufacturer, which is not same day...but I could not KNOW this without ordering first. In an amazing feat, Molten did get these sent out in time and listed the ETA as 3/8. I carefully watched shipping progress, and on 3/7, the product SAT IDLE in a Colorado FedEx ground facility for more than 24 hours! Because of THAT FedEx warehouse (I believe Henderson, CO), we got the product a day too late. The balls remain un-inflated in the shipping box to this day. We could not use them, and we had to come up with a less-than-ideal substitute for about 200 kids (10 classes of 20).
Team Member: Hi Tracy - Brittany, who leads our team sales department, will be reaching out to you. We obviously can't fix this, but want to keep you as a customer. We'll be in touch soon!
By Ben W
Delivery Time: Before Expected
good ball...great price!
To a certain extent you get what you pay for, but these are good volleyballs. Great if you consider the price. Had a big order (47) for fundraising prices and got them pretty quick. Came in two different shipments which was fine. All Volleyball kept me updated.
By Coach R
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Less Than Expected
I've been coaching volleyball for more than 35 years. I ordered these for some very young players I have attending a camp, because of the price. The reviews I read on some websites gave me a sense it was similar to a Tachikara Lite Volleyball, but it is really more like a glorified balloon. If you are expecting it to perform and react like a real volleyball, you'll want to kick in the extra bucks for the Tach Lite. However, if you want a ball that will perform a little slower and not leave any sting at all, then this is the one for you.
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The Molten First Touch Volleyball is great for young players looking to learn how to play without the fear of the ball hurting them when they touch or hit it. This ball is great to show a young, learning player the fundamentals of the game. It is made of soft cloth with a foam cover, so the ball is plusher and bouncier compared to a standard volleyball or volleylite that they will use at a later time.

Weighing in at only 5 oz., this ball will not pack the punch or sting that a regular ball can sometimes give. It is also approved by USA Volleyball, so you know this ball is on the right path toward bigger and better things for your young player. I highly recommend this ball for anyone looking to learn the sport without the fear of getting hurt.

To add to the learning, you should pick up the Volleyball Passing Sleeves. These sleeves have a target right on the sleeve so your player can learn exactly where the ball should be hitting their arms each time they pass the ball.