Innovation by Mizuno: New Lightning RX3 Collection

Born out of a love for sports, Mizuno was founded by Rihachi Mizuno in 1906 under the belief that, just as athletes continually work to better themselves, a sporting good brand should match that passion.

So far, Mizuno has yet to disappoint! Meet the Mizuno Lightning RX3 Shoe Collection. One for Men and one for Women, these shoes come in the hottest colors, including one for the ladies in Pink. But they are not just pretty to look at, each boast top of the line technologies only from Mizuno.

But what do these technologies mean? Here is a quick explanation of the top four innovations that make a Mizuno volleyball shoe, a Mizuno volleyball shoe.

Dynamotion Fit

According to Mizuno USA, DYNAMOTION FIT™ VOLLEYBALL is a combination of shoe technologies that create an upper form that moves seamlessly with your foot, eliminating stress points and bunching for a more comfortable experience (from the top down for once!). Flexible enough to support your natural motion while still providing optimum support and shock absorption.


Next up is the DRYLITE™ technology. This should sound familiar as Mizuno puts it into every volleyball product of theirs, including jerseys, spandex, socks and shoes. It is a series of high performance technical fabrics designed with special yarn, fabric structure, and dyeing process. DryLite™ transports perspiration vapor away from the body, cooling down body temperature. DryLite™ is comfortable, breathable, easy to care for, and durable. The harder you work, the harder it works to keep you cool and comfy all workout long!


Speaking of keeping cool, Mizuno has another feature designed to do just that! MIZUNO INTERCOOL™ solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe by incorporating a full-length ventilation system.


Finally, SENSORPOINT™ is a suspension system which connects the Wave plate to the ground to enhance stability and traction. Innovation and technology even on the bottom – Mizuno has it covered!

We are completely blown away by the new Mizuno Lightning RX3 collection. Perfect for the serious volleyball player looking to make a statement in a lightweight, great-looking shoe. In stock and ready to ship – get yours now at