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Through social networking, a local volleyball store on Lamplighter Square, All Volleyball, hosted a fundraiser and donated over $6,000 to Breast Cancer Research in the month of October. All Volleyball supported Breast Cancer Research from the beginning. They donated 5% of their sales to Breast Cancer Research in the past, and they thought now was the time to take the donations to the next level. According to Molly, an All Volleyball employee, "The motivation came from all of our loyal customers who helped push such a great cause!"

The social networking fundraiser took place throughout the month of October. The idea of the fundraiser? For every follower gained on All Volleyball's blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, All Volleyball donated a dollar to Breast Cancer Research. Just in case something crazy happened, All Volleyball created a $2000 maximum limit for followers. The fundraiser started slowly, a couple followers here and a couple followers there, till some instagram accounts took notice! Many accounts asked their followers to follow All Volleyball's instagram and tell others to do it too. In one day, they earned over 300 followers!

From start to finish, the social networking fundraiser raised $966 from all the social networks. Instagram won the "Most Followers Gained Award" with over 600 followers. All Volleyball hosted a giveaway on Instagram. They gave away three t-shirts to three lucky Instagram winners to help spread the word. Facebook earned about 250, while Pinterest came in close third with 100 followers. Twitter received about 60 followers and the Blog received about 30 followers.

All Volleyball also received $86 from in-store donations and $5,000 from "Pink Pride" sales on their website, making the grand total over $6,000! Molly, employee at All Volleyball says,"It is a great feeling to know that our company cares for something so dear to people's hearts. Each employee at All Volleyball knows someone who's life has been affected by Breast Cancer so knowing that we are doing something in order to help makes us feel good. What is even better though is seeing the support from our customers who want to do the same thing!"

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