Finger Supports

Finger Supports

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  • Support the fingers with these finger supports
  • Constructed of elastic, the finger supports are white and come in a set of ten (10)
  • Supports slip on with ease and remain in place while playing


By Viktor Plokhov
Fit: Runs Small
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Not bad, but a little tight
The finger support ran a little small and caused my fingers to lose blood support at the tips. In addition, after the first day of use I had "rug burns" from them. Maybe after a few games they will get better.
By Tracey
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Finger Supports
A great alternative for taping. I'm using them for work for added support. Good product, great customer service and fast delivery.


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You protect your ankles when you play so why not protect your fingers as well? Wearing Finger Supports is like taping your fingers with athletic tape, only better. Constructed of elastic, these supports provide the support of taping your fingers, but with the flexibility that elastic can offer as well.

Coming in a ten count package, you could have one support for each finger, or simply have extra to replace the others once they become worn. I recommend these supports for setters especially because they, of all players, set and use their fingers the most and need the protection and flexibility that these supports offer.

If you are a setter and want to not only protect your fingers but also strengthen them, check out the Tachikara TB18 Setter Ball. This ball is almost twice the weight of a standard volleyball, so once you are trained well on this, setting a ball to the far outside will seem like no big deal with the strength you have in your hands.