Dreaming of Beach Volleyball

1. It is 8 degrees outside. "nuff said.

2. No matter how long the sun is out, it isn't enough to melt all the snow and ice on the ground. Ugh.

3. Spring break is just around the corner.

4. College sand volleyball seasons are starting up just as soon! Get your official Wilson H5001 Collegiate Sand Volleyballs here!

5. Positive visualization is proven to enhance mood and produce positive results. Daydreaming about volleyball on the beach totally counts!

6. ICYMI…The Groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter. I think Elsa may have bribed him…

7. Sand socks are in great supply, which will change about one week before the adult leagues start. It is never too early to order!

8. It is Qualifier season, which means 3-4 full days of being indoors, with little-to-no windows, surrounded by concrete gray colored walls, and hundreds of people all in the same area. Then you travel back only to go to school the next day. Bummer.

9. All the stores have their spring stuff out…there is hope that winter won't last forever! Check out our newest Under Armour jacket, capri leggings, and sports bra in coordinating spring colors.

10. All the cutest bikinis are IN STOCK and ready to ship! Check out this one from Asics.

Top 10 Reasons to Think About Beach Volleyball