Dear College-Volleyball-Me

Dear College-Volleyball-Me,

Try not to complain about the hours in the gym, on the court, on a bus, on a plane or the early mornings and late nights. One day you'll miss every minute.

Try not to complain about your coach or staff.  One day (maybe 4+ years later) you'll realize that he really wasn't all that bad.

Try not to play the "what-if" or the "I-should-have" or "I-wish" mind games.  One day you'll know that everything happened for a reason and happened exactly how it was supposed to happen.

Most of all, try harder to keep the bonds of sisterhood among your teammates tighter, going past the final whistle of the final match of your final season.  One day you'll know that friendships like teammates are in a league of their own.

One day you will give anything - ANYTHING - to have your volleyball seasons back again...

...blood, sweat, tears, laughs, smelly knee pads, "on the line" sprints, trail runs, bus ride bonding, 6 AM practices and all.

I promise.





Dear College Volleyball Me