Celebrating Leap Year Day 2016

The owners of All Volleyball decided to close the office and store on Monday, February 29, 2016 for a company-wide service and team building day.  They figured we were blessed with an extra day in 2016 so we should take that extra day and give back to the community while growing closer with fellow AVB team members!  What a day of fun it was!

In the morning, 20 All Volleyball staffers gathered in our conference and team rooms to make Lap Blankets for cancer patients.  When patients go through radiation and chemotherapy, they are sometimes given bright, colorful blankets to bring some cheer in an otherwise daunting task.  Team Sales Specialist, Molly, has an aunt who is a breast cancer survivor.  She loved her lap blankets and was always happy to get one while she was there!

We made no-sew, tied fleece, colorful blankets.  These are great for people of all ages and skill levels to make!  We used one solid color and one print, tied them together to make one blanket.  The solid colors were orange, yellow, teal, purple and black while the prints were multi-color puzzle pieces, multi-color chevron and black & white chevron. 

Groups were made for each step in the blanket-making process:

-Cutting the fabric into 1 yd x 1 yd squares

-Matching up one solid color and one pattern

-Cutting strips to be tied around the border

-Tying the strips together to complete the blanket

About halfway through, we mixed up the groups so we had a chance to do something different and hang out with different team members! 

At the end of it all, we made 40 blankets and were able to catch up with coworkers that we see every day but maybe not as much as we’d like.

We are sending the blankets to the The Side-Out Foundation, who will send them to area hospitals along with homemade cards as part of their Assist Project.

After blanket making, we continued our team building day with a team lunch and a team bowling outing.  What a wonderful day spent with wonderful people all thanks to our wonderful owners!!

We hope our story inspires you and your team to make your own blankets for your local hospitals and treatment centers!  For more information on how we did it, please visit this site where we got our inspiration from.  Happy Leap Year Day!