Wilson H4615 Cast Away Mr. Wilson Replica Volleyball
Item #: H4615WILSON

Wilson H4615 Cast Away "Mr. Wilson" Replica Volleyball

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    The man, the myth, the volleyball. Mr. Wilson, yes the Mr. Wilson from the movie "Cast Away", has proven his prowess as a captive audience, compassionate listener, and dear friend on the silver screen. Simply enjoy the company of this "Mr. Wilson" Replica Volleyball without all of that uncomfortable plane-wrecked business, or use this 18-panel, polyurethane volleyball for practice or light hearted play.

  • The Wilson "Cast Away" volleyball offers a top-quality synthetic cover with the "Wilson" hand print design on the back from the movie Cast Away
  • Combines durability and performance
  • Polyurethane (PU) cover material
  • Premium butyl rubber bladder offers excellent air retention and shape
  • 18 Panel machine sewn construction


By Bill the Mouth
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Audience of one
(Please don't call for the folks with the straight jackets.) Mr. Wilson is an excellent volleyball. He is made well. The price was competitive. I am using him as my "audience" for practicing my Toastmasters speeches. Mr. Wilson never tires, no matter how many times I repeat a speech. However, he is not very talkative, so I cannot pry out of him his thoughts and feelings about my speeches.
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Delivery Time: Right On Time
Fun Ball
Now it may not be an official game ball but it should be the official ball of summer parties. A fun ball for picnics and outdoor parties with recreational volleyball!
By Molly Hektor
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Great Mr.Wilson
I watched the movie cast away and i did not know that there was a wilson ball. I got to say Wilson was my favourite character in cast away. If i knew there was a wilson ball i would keep on asking my mom and dad. I'm only 10, i got it for my 10th birthday. And it is awesome! I am scared to use it, I don't want to reck it. Even if it did not look like wilson it is still a good ball! No, it is a great ball. So i think i made my point, this wilson ball is so cool and just a great ball. NOW A NOTE FROM MOLLY'S FATHER; I recently bought a "Cast Away" Wilson volleyball for my daughter Molly's 10th birthday, (she loves the movie). In my search for "Wilson"I had been told it is unavailable in Canada, and I was unable to order from a couple of over-seas sites that claimed they had it in stock. Then I found 'All Volleyball'. I called up and spoke to a service rep. that was very friendly and helpful. The ball was in stock, very well priced, and, as it was only 7 days to my daughters birthday I was assured they are accustomed to mailing across the border and the ball would get shipped THAT AFTERNOON. It arrived in 3 or 4 days! It was simple, pleasant, satisfying experience. Im Glad to Have This Chance to Express my Gratitude, John Hektor (edit this any way that suits you)
Team Member: Thanks for the feedback John and Molly! Happy birthday Molly! We are so glad you are enjoying your "Wilson" volleyball! John, we are very happy to hear you had such a great ordering experience! Glad she received her volleyball in time for her birthday!
By Stacy RC
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
The only boyfriend my player can have!
We bought this item for our club volleyball player as a "gag" gift, and told her "Wilson" was her boyfriend for the season. It was a hit!!!!!


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This ball is a great time for anyone! While it may not be a game regulation ball, the Wilson H4615 Cast Away "Mr. Wilson" Replica Volleyball is always a fun ball to have around. A nice replica of the “Mr. Wilson” from Castaway, this ball is a great purchase for any movie lover. Made with composite material, this ball can hold up with a good amount of use and still feels comfortable and soft to the touch. I also think that this ball is great for a group or individual who enjoy recreational volleyball and would like a fun ball while playing.

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