Can You DIG it!?

Last month, All Volleyball, Inc. partnered up with a very worthwhile organization to celebrate fun, learning and hard work while playing our favorite sport!

The name of the St. Louis-based program is DIG it!. Designed for 5th and 6th grade girls, it runs from January until the end of April. The goal is to inspire young urban girls to lead healthy, confident lives through an after-school program that combines an activity-centered curriculum with volleyball instruction. Many urban schools lack quality after-school programming for young, growing girls due to many obstacles that are out of their control. These girls (like many growing up!) need a place to foster learning experiences to create happy, healthy habits.

Dave Bosch, the director of DIG it!, reached out to All Volleyball, Inc. and invited us to be a part of this great cause. The All Volleyball staffers started planning and decided to attend a Game Night as Super Fans. We made signs, brought noisemakers, and created t-shirts to hand out at the end of the night "as long as each player tried her best and was a good teammate," according to Coach Bosch. Well, ALL the players did great, worked hard, cheered LOUD and had a lot of fun!

Their hard work and attitudes were such an inspiration to us here at All Volleyball, Inc. Their enthusiasm and willingness to cheer on each other, even when mistakes were made, really hit home for the staffers. We've all been there! We know what it feels like to learn the game and cheer on our teammates without worrying about "being too cool." Plus, we know what it is like to walk away from the court with a free t-shirt!! Because, who doesn't love a free volleyball t-shirt?!

This is Where the Game Begins for these players. We are blessed and thankful to have played a part! Best wishes to Coach Bosch and the DIG it! Program!

DIG It Action Photo

The DIG it! girls on the court getting ready for the next big play.

DIG It Cheer Section

All Volleyball Team Members, Molly Stadler (left) and Kriss Lawson (right) leading cheers for the teams.

DIG It Team Photo

Thank you to Coach Dave Bosch (far right) and the entire DIG it! Program for inviting us. We had a great time!