Better Sore. No Excuses.

"Man, I really regret that workout." -said NO ONE. Ever.

"The only workout that you will regret is the one you didn't do." -Anonymous

The summer before my junior year of high school, I was training for varsity volleyball try-outs. There were 20 juniors basically going for only two open spots on varsity (the other spots were returners). I knew the head coach put a lot of worth on your mile time. While I have always been in pretty good volleyball shape, I wasn't an athlete who concentrated on running. But that summer, I decide to change that. I was worried I wouldn't make the team.

During the summer, I was a lifeguard with a full time schedule. I loved that job! But it sometimes made it hard to workout at consistent times. Many days, I went running in between shifts, which mean running during the heat of the day. Add in the humidity and the school track with no trees, and it made for a tough go.

If I didn't have enough water, my muscles would be so sore. If I didn't have enough energy, the run would drag on and on. There were many days where I didn't feel like doing it. I felt lazy. It was too hot. I was too busy. I had plans with friends. It was like out of nowhere, these excuses started tempting me, begging for me to give in.

More times than not, I would lace up my running shoes, pop in a new mixed CD into my portable player (yes, this was before iPods and iPhones…feeling a little old right now) and put on my headphones and run.

I remember being sore. I also remember days when it was so hot that every step was a struggle. There were days when my time was terrible (seriously, I could have walked faster than that), but there were also days where I felt like I could run forever.

The possibility of not making the team kept me going. And you better believe when I crossed the finish line at try outs, in third place, behind two other girls who also play club soccer with a personal best time, I felt like I could take on the world (well, maybe after a nice cool down, stretch and water!). At my moment of personal victory, I knew, without a single doubt, that working hard and not taking the easy way out was so much better than living with the regret.

Better sore a few times this summer than sorry that I didn't try harder. Better to do it than to regret it. No excuses.

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