AVB Goes Green for Earth Day

Green is the New Black…at least for this week it was!

We have officially completed our first ever AVB Goes Green Week in honor of Earth Day!   As All Volleyball grows into a more mission-based company, we are seizing as many opportunities as we can to better our community while inspiring others to do the same.   Earth Day is today, Friday, April 22, 2016 and to celebrate, we planned simple, fun activities all week long that won’t disrupt our workday flow while promoting a more environmentally-friendly atmosphere! 

Here are some #AVBgoesGreen ways to try:


1.  Printing Challenge and Did You Know? Facts

What better way to start a week then with a kick-off, 7-day, friendly challenge to get our competitive juices flowing?!  Every time an AVB Team Member printed to the main printer, he or she made a tally on our white board.  One print job = one tally mark.  Just like golf, the lower the score the higher the success!  Each day, the office tried to beat the previous day’s score by printing less.  Monday started out with a score of 28 but by Friday, it was down to 16!

Knowledge is power!  In addition to the printing competition, all week long, you could find yellow, attention-grabbing facts about the environment, going green, saving trees, and more.  These strategically placed, little facts pack a big punch when you read them and realize how messy humans can be. 


All Volleyball goes green by being mindful about printing and spreading knowledge


2.  Simple Signature

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make the biggest differences.  Look for our temporary email signature while AVB Goes Green this week and think before you print!


AVB added a simply email signature to remind others to think before you pint!


3.  Get the Info...graphic!

The world cannot go a day without social media and…confession…All Volleyball can’t either!  Our active social media team dropped some knowledge and posted pics all week to celebrate Earth Day using #AVBgoesGreen hashtag.


AVB spreading the word about planet Earth


4.  Walking It Out

Spring has sprung here in the STL, so we love any excuse to be outside during the work day!  Even though we had some April Showers this week, we managed to squeeze in multiple boss-approved walks today around our plaza. Some team members made it out to some hiking trails in Castlewood State park too!


AVB Team Member taking in the MO nature views


5.       Are You Afraid of the Dark?

To conserve some energy, we turned out the main lights and worked in the dark – well, mostly dark…we still had some light through the windows, computer screens and emergency lights helping along the way!  We worked in the dark for about 2 hours here in the office and warehouse.  It actually created a rather cozy ambiance that was perfect for quiet concentration!


AVB creates a cozy atmosphere to save energy


6.  Be Cool & Carpool

This one was the toughest because it does take flexibility and planning but we were able to get part of the office to carpool to work, as well as the playoff hockey game that evening!  If you aren’t able to carpool to work, team members made an effort to carpool to a future event or weekend plans.  All the cool people are doing it…!


AVB Team Members carpool to the hockey game


We hope you can use some of these ideas with you and your teammates!  Many people probably want to do more for the environment but it can be hard to know where to start.  We’ve been there, which is why we wanted to share what we did to help jump start your own mission to go green!   Even the smallest, lowest cost activities can make a WORLD of a difference! :)