Had a blast at the Scott Touzinsky Camp in Kansas City last week! Scott is a gold medal winner in Men's Volleyball and a native of good ol' St. Louie, MO. All Volleyball sponsored his camp and three of us took the cross-state drive to check it out!

AVB and Scott T

Scott teamed up with his brother and fellow St. Louisian, Keith, as well as Invasion, a club in Kansas City. It was a great facility and even better atmosphere! The campers worked hard, talked loud, and played competitively. We were only there a couple days, but we could already see huge improvements! The camp had boys and girls age 11 to 17 and most were club players. Plus, Scott brought his gold medal, which is ALWAYS awesome to see…and wear…and take pictures with.

Had a great time and we are honored to be the sponsor of Scott Touzinsky Camps this year! To all of those heading out to camps this summer, remember: WORK HARD, HUSTLE and HAVE FUN!

P.S. If you or a teammate have pictures from any of Scott T's camps, be sure to post it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #AVBandScottT for a chance to win a FREE!! Scott Touzinsky Volleyball Camp registration for 2015! Great, great, great value to be coached by a gold medalist and Olympian.