ASICS ZK1104 Old School Crew Socks - Pink
Item #: ZK814PNK

ASICS ZK1104 Old School Crew Socks - Pink

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  • Designed to look like its old school name
  • Solid white color is accessorized by two stripes of varying colors, and the ASICS logo
  • Ultra-soft construction provides the ultimate in comfort and wicks moisture away from feet, keep them dry
  • Cushioned sole for shock absorption in high-impact areas
  • Seamless toe seam for maximum comfort without irritation or chafing
  • Made of the best modern 53% Polyester/ 44% Nylon/ 3% Spandex
  • Sizing Chart

    SHOE SIZE - LADIES8-9.510+
    SHOE SIZE - MENS7-99.5-11.5


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    Staff Review

    If you're looking for an ultra-soft sock, that wicks moisture, keeping your foot dry, the Asics ZK1104 Old School Crew Sock is one of my favorite. I like how the Old School Crew isn't an extremely long sock, so it covers mid-way to the shin, and it comes in a variety of stripes that add extra appeal.

    The padding in the instep of the foot really stood out to me when using these socks. Since the socks are foot specific, it was effective on giving me the max comfort on my heel and inside as well, helping pad the landing from jumping. The sock never had problems falling or shifting positions, as the top elastic would keep it in the same place through competition. After I was finished playing I noticed that the sweat was drastically reduced by the Core Crew sock because of the vented forefoot, which makes this a great sock fit for all levels of play.

    If you aren't looking for a sock with so much design, I also recommend the Asics ZK1105 Crew Sock, that comes in an all over standard color, and still gives you the amount of padding in the instep of the foot.