ASICS ZD900 Gel-Conform Knee Pads - ADULT
Item #: ZD900

ASICS ZD900 Gel-Conform Knee Pads - ADULT

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ASICS ZD900 Gel-Conform Knee Pads - ADULT White ASICS ZD900 Gel-Conform Knee Pads - ADULT Black

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  • Gel Cushioning System absorbs shock
  • Wide, Thin, Flexible foam pad helps cushion impact
  • Full coverage
  • Latex free
  • Sold In Pairs

Sizing Chart

SizeTop Circum.Bottom Circum.Sleeve Length
ADULT14 in.12 in.9.5 in.


By Jessica
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
The knee pad is just what my daughter wanted & it arrived very promptly.
By Kari
Fit: N/A
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Volleyball Knee pads
These knee pads are working great for my 15 year old daughter. She plays volleyball and was always coming home with huge bruises and floor burns on her knees. The Asics ZD900 Gel knee pads are longer and provide more cushion to the knee. Her bruises and floor burns are fading so she hasn't gotten any new ones since changing to these knee pads.
By Geof
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
very nice
very nice
By Thomas
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
knee pads
Exactly what I needed! Lighning-fast shipping! Thank you so much! A+
By Jenni
Fit: Runs Small
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Knee pads
Had to get an adult size for my freshman daughter who has thin legs. Company worked quick in exchanging sizes.
By Kelsey
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Fast Delivery
Great Transaction with fast delivery
By Ken
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
New Knee pads!
These pads have great size fits all (for me) means they just fit...a teeny bit snug...I'm 6'... 180, so if you are any huskier than that, these may be too snug.
By Snow Lopez
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Even my husband likes them!
I've been playing with the Asic gel knee pads and love the fit. I recommended them to my husband last month, and he has been even more pleased, as he dives more that I do on the court. We wondered about the "all size fits all" but they fit him as well as mine fit me. He was also able to play comfortably without his sleeve-style knee brace.
By Alisha Wicks
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Took Too Long
Excellent Knee Pads
My middle school daughter just joined the volleyball team and she absolutley loves these knee pads. She was able to tell the difference right away from her old ones into these. She states that when she slides to hit the ball there is no pressure on her knees and they are comfortable. The dont ride up nor move on her and she doesnt have to worry about the velcro strap that her old knee pads have. Overall she is completly satisfied with the knee pads and we will be purchasing a new pair for each season she decides to play
By Tirubuvanathan
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
This is the second time I bought this. Good support to knee. Reasonable price.. Recommend
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The ASICS ZD900 Gel-Conform Knee Pads are a great knee pad for a recreational or beginning player. These knee pads are a bit larger with their padding so it is great protection for anyone who may not be comfortable falling or diving. They also have a decent amount of fabric that goes above and below the knee to keep the pad secure on your knee. The other great part about these knee pads is the padding itself!

The pad is a foam, rather than a more cotton stuffing type that other knee pads have. That means that when I fall, the foam padding more so absorbs shock while still keeping my knee protected. This is also great because I am getting the same great protection that I would get from a really puffy kneepad with less padding, which in turn helps mobility. Plus, this kneepad comes in a junior size, the ASICS ZD900 Gel- Conform Knee Pads-Junior to fit younger, smaller players who may not fit in an adult size pad.

If you like a larger pad but want harder padding, I would recommend the ASICS ZD0152 Slider Knee Pads. It has the same large area padding and fabric coverage with a slightly harder pad which gives great protection. Plus, no player is complete without a great pair of socks. The ASICS ZK1454 Crew Socks are a great all around sock which virtually any player can use and love.