All Volleyball Serves: School Supply Drive

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. -Brad Henry

All Volleyball Serves adopted Carrie E.'s kindergarten class in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District in St. Louis, MO. Carrie is the future sister-in-law of two of our AVB Team Members, so this drive was very close to our hearts.

Being a small company, we understand the importance of education but it is too hard for us to do a school-wide drive. Choosing a teacher and classroom was hard because everyone knows an outstanding teacher, whether from our own experiences in the classroom or because a family member or friend is a teacher. This drive was such a success that we plan on doing this every year!

While some school districts, like MRH, help with the basic supplies for classrooms, many teachers choose to go above and beyond to enhance the learning environment for their students. Teachers pay for these items out of their own pockets…sometimes spending hundreds of dollars!

Through All Volleyball Serves, we donated two bags and a crate-full of supplies including:

- Cotton Balls

- Q-Tips

- Shaving Cream

- Pipe Cleaners

- Googly Eyes

- Watercolor Paints

- Paintbrushes

- Double A Batteries

- Fine Tip Markers

- Paper Plates

- Pom Pom Balls

- Washable markers

- Glue

- Colored pencils

- Disney and Super Hero themed books

- and much more, including our thoughts and prayers for a happy, health, and safe school year!

Being out of school for a few years, it was a fun experience shopping through all the new school supplies at the end of the summer! The items were presented to Carrie at a walk/run 5K to raise money for the school, so our AVB Team Members got a tour of the classroom too, as well as participated in the walk/run.

Good luck to Carrie and her kindergarten class as they start their school year!! Enjoy!

AVB Serves School Supply Drive