All Volleyball Serves: Open Door Animal Sanctuary Visit

At the end of the summer, All Volleyball Team Members volunteered at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary in High Ridge, MO, which is a no kill animal shelter and adoption center hosting over 400 dogs and cats. Many AVB Team Members own pets, so giving love to animals was something many of us jumped at the chance to go!

Once we arrived at the shelter, we split into smaller groups as to not overwhelm the animals with our big group presence. A group of us went to walk the dogs. It was a very hot day here in Missouri, so all of the walking had to be finished by Noon as the temperature outside would have been too hot for some of the pups (and volunteers too!). Helping the dogs get daily exercise as well as experience on a leash is very important and can increase their chances of adoption too.

A favorite spot by most is the Kitten Cottage. Filled with tiny cats wandering, playing and napping all over the place, this area cannot hold many volunteers but it is a great area to pet and socialize with all the cute kittens new to the world. Taking a peek into this area, you could find a tiny kitten snuggled up with an AVB Team Member, who was enchanted by the cuteness.

Two other places our AVB Team Members frequented were the Kitty City – where the "senior" cats live – and the Pampered Palace – where adolescent, teenage and adult cats live. These cats can be found snoozing on window sills and on pillows, playing with each other, or having a meal. All you need to do is love on them by petting, talking and playing with them, letting them know that they are cared for and in a safe place.

At the end of the day, our group left a little sweaty, a little tired and a little covered in pet hair…but all in all, very happy to have spent the day making a positive difference in the lives of dogs and cats! Many we interacted with will never find their forever home, but they will never go a day without love at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, thanks to a wonderful staff and volunteers.

For more information on how you can volunteer, donate or adopt from Open Door Animal Sanctuary, please visit their website at

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