All Volleyball: Private Shopping Event

Earlier this week, 10 lucky winners received a very exciting phone call from one of our All Volleyball Team Members. Those winners were picked to guests at our exclusive Private Shopping Event!!

Today, we opened our store just for the winners and spoiled them and their families with special discounts, free t-shirts, food and water, plus their own personal shopper! Our All Volleyball Team Members helped design outfits, get sizes, and do one of the things we do best: serve our customers. Only this time, we did it in a more individual setting.

The holiday shopping season kicked off this past Friday as most of us know. All Volleyball thought this would be the perfect weekend to host our Private Shopping Event…because after battling the hustle and the bustle at other stores (and the not-so-cheerful crowds there too!), wouldn't it be nice for a store to put all the attention back where it belongs: on our customers!

It was a very fun afternoon and a great way to end a holiday weekend. We are so thankful for our customers! Thank you to all who entered and to all who participated! We hope you had a fabulous time…I know we did!

AVB Private Shopping Event