All Volleyball Goes to 2019 Adult Nationals

All Volleyball Goes to 2019 Adult Nationals

Over Memorial Day weekend, a group of All Volleyball team members road-tripped to Columbus, Ohio to attend the 2019 USAV Adult National Championship tournament. Teams full of men and women came from all over the country to compete in the sport that we all love. Not only did we go to watch some competitive volleyball and spot trends, more importantly, we also got to meet and treat some of our current team customers!

Two members of the All Volleyball crew were Brett and Kelsey, team sales specialists, former players and current coaches. Being part of the volleyball community, they reconnected with old teammates, saw fellow coaches and sparked conversations about All Volleyball and Custom Fuze from everyone who asked, “Who are you playing with this weekend?”

While they were probably a little sad to say they weren’t playing, being able to meet face-to-face with some of our customers was an awesome experience - especially when we surprised our Custom Fuze teams with free Custom Fuze banners!

Two of our awesome customers we found first were Coach Donny from Elevate/The Tall Ones and Amy Berry from Garden State Elite. After working with them for so long over the phone and email, being able to meet in person only solidified the kind of authentic relationship we strive to have with those we work with. We talked a little business, a lot of volleyball and had some laughs. Coach Donny even took over our Instagram story for a while! We got to show off an extra level of service by dropping off a few new orders and free gear in person, which is always fun! These two are great ambassadors of the sport and All Volleyball. So thankful to work with them and their programs!

We then had the pleasure of meeting Amniraf, our first Custom Fuze jersey contest winner. The jerseys looked awesome and, even though they are newer customers, by the end of our time spent with them, we felt like they were part of the All Volleyball family for much longer. They are true fans of the game and we can’t wait to continue working with them!

Another cool customer moment was with Bay Area Elevate. They updated their Facebook banner photo to a picture of them with their new Custom Fuze banner. Social media is a huge part of the volleyball world and it is so cool to be a part of that too. Looking forward to watching their program grow!

Special shout out to two other teams we met with: Denver Home Fitness and 6 Bucks. Loved watching your gear in action and putting faces with names!

Overall, it was a great experience - one that we cannot wait to do again. Meeting our customers where they’re at is an important part of our company’s future. Whether we are meeting you for the first time or seeing old friends, All Volleyball is here to cheer you on and help you win.