Active Ankle Brace - T2
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Active Ankle Brace - T2

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  • The "Professional" model features the patented performance hinge which allows for virtually unlimited movement
  • The T-2's featherlight EVA padding system hugs every contour of the ankle for incredibly snug, comfortable fit (Bi-lateral)
  • Solid U-Shaped design relieves pressure from the ankle joint
  • Single, quick strap fit adjusts for high or low top shoes
  • Brace is left/right universal
  • One Active Ankle T-2 per package

Sizing Chart

SHOE SIZE - LADIES6.5-9.510-1313.5-16
SHOE SIZE - MENS5-8.59-1212.5-16


By Giselle
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
The Active Ankle Brace T2 is great! It moves with my ankles and it is very comfortable! I definitely recommend this product.
Team Member: Thanks, Giselle! This is an All Volleyball favorite too! For added comfort, we recommend pulling up the insole of your shoes, sliding the ankle brace underneath, then putting the insole back down. It helps the brace stay in place and it feels more comfortable then the hard bottom piece of the T2 brace.
By Kimmy Haney
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Sold Separate
Very happy with this brace! I only need one for my left ankle, so I was glad that the ankle braces are sold one per pack.
By Anna
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Active Ankle
I can't play without it and the delivey was perfect before my first match! The price was much better than Amazon and Paragon Sports too! I love it!
By Grace
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Love these my favorite!!!!
By Louverne
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Great customer service
Order these and another product. Pricing was competitive, reasonable shipping rates, fast shipping and great communication. Will be shopping with All Volleyball again! Active Ankles are great product, too.
By courtney
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
highly recommended
It fits very well and took only a few days to ship, also sold cheaper than some other places had it listed as. I would highly recommend it to a friend.
By Cheryl
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Perfect Protection
The ankle braces were a bit costly, but All Volleyball had the best price. Even though they are costly, it beats the cost of any injury that could occur if not worn. Takes a few times to break in and get used to but overall they are great and All Volleyball has the best prices. Also, paid for standard shipping and they arrived in 3 days!! Way before I expected, but just in time for our 12 hour tournament.
By Tamara Morton
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Awesome product
By Courtney
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
highly recommended
It arrived right on time and fit perfectly. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
By Patti
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Before Expected
Active Ankles
Active ankles are worth every penny they cost! Preventing injuries is the key! I recommend them for all players. Our order arrived earlier than expected. My daughter had them a few days before her 1st JV match.
By Wendy
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
Perfect ankle support and comfortable too!
I bought these for my 14 year old daughter because two girls on her volleyball team had sprained their ankles. The ankle braces are perfect. My daughter just keeps them in her volleyball shoes all the time and wears them for every practice and game. They are supportive and comfortable, and I'm not worried about her spraining her ankle. Delivery was very quick.
By Kayla
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
amazing !!
I ordered these braces, because I have sprained my ankles many times. Once I put these on, and started using them, my ankles haven't had any single accident or sprain. Super comfortable and I would highly recommend these
By Kayla
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Took Too Long
I first ordered this when I had recently had a horrible leg injury, and I wanted to protect myself from further damage, especially to my ankles. The item works wonderfully and I feel very Pete Ted when I use these, however it took about 5 days for my package to arrive, even though I live fairly close, state wise.
By Cathy H
Fit: True To Size
Delivery Time: Right On Time
No complaints
I purchased this brace for my daughter who plays high school and club volleyball. She feels more confident in jumping and landing after hitting the ball knowing that her dominant landing ankle is supported.
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Protect your ankles from sprains and other ankle injuries with the Active Ankle Brace-T2! This brace is suitable for all volleyball players, but is specially designed for players who have suffered from an ankle injury in the past. Since this is a plastic U-shaped brace, the ankle remains more stable than it would in a soft lace-up brace. If you have just experienced an ankle injury, I would highly recommend the T2 Brace to give your ankle the stability it needs to heal.

One think I really like about this brace is the padding. There is a super light and cushiony pad on each side of the ankle. This makes the brace comfortable and snug. The T2 also has the capability to become part of your shoe. The flat plastic piece is able to slide right under your volleyball shoe’s insole. This technique helps keep the brace in place and also makes putting it on and getting it off much easier. The T2 is sure to give you a peace of mind on the court.

Active Ankle also makes other styles of braces. The Active Ankle Brace-T1, for example, is very similar to the T2. The only real difference is that the T1 has two Velcro straps that go around the ankle. If you are unsure whether you want one Velcro strap or two, I would recommend the Active Ankle Volt. This brace has a single strap that splits into two! It also comes with interchangeable color plates. On the other hand, if you don’t think a plastic brace is for you, Active Ankle makes the Excel Lace-Up brace. This brace gives players compression and support without sacrificing mobility.