A Letter to a Volleyball Dad

Dear Volleyball Dad,

I know sometimes I don't say this enough…but, thanks.

Thank you for always waking me up on the weekends in time to leave for my tournaments. I know I can be very grumpy in the morning!

Thank you for shuttling me to and from practice, to and from my games, and to and from my tournaments. We have spent countless hours in the car traveling all over…sometimes late into the night. You never seem to mind…well, if you do, I never notice because I am most likely asleep!

Thank you for always getting me my water bottle when I've forgotten to bring it over to the bench. I know I need to remember it more, but it is pretty funny watching you sneak it over to me!

Thank you for coming to all of my games, sitting on those hard bleachers from the first serve of the match to game point.

Thank you for the big hugs you give me at the end of the day, even though I am a sweaty "monster" as you always say!

Thank you for going shopping with me for my volleyball gear. I promise to try and wash my stinky kneepads more often. Oh, that reminds me! I think my feet grew, I need new shoes again…

I know I roll my eyes a lot at your lame jokes. But you are my Volleyball Dad. You are always there to support me, to encourage me, to help me. I know that no matter what the score or how much of an "off" day I'm having, you are always there for me.

You have given me every opportunity to succeed in my favorite sport, and I just want to say "thanks!" And, seriously, I think I need new shoes :)

Happy Father's Day!


Your Volleyball Kid.