A, B, C…1, 2, 3…Back to Volleyball!!

It is Back to School time all over the country. Summer is winding down and you can almost feel the Fall breeze. Now as the pools cut back their hours and parents race to the stores to stock up on school supplies, kids can't help but feel a little bummed. Looking back on whimsical memories of BBQ picnics, fireworks and vacations, most kids dread the start of school.

However, Fall also means VOLLEYBALL SEASON! And that is something every player can get excited about!!

It is important to be prepared for school (that is why teachers make check lists!). If volleyball is something you love and look forward to, then let's make sure you are as prepared for that as well!

Our Back to Volleyball Checklist will make getting ready as easy as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3!

One Volleyball

There is a reason why this is the name of the game! It is probably the most important piece of equipment. Even if you have the hottest uniforms in the world, the game is nothing without the ball.

One Pair of Knee Pads

Some players think kneepads are uncool, but even the pros wear them! Plus, they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors so it is easy to find your favorite pair. Slip a pair on and your knees will thank you when you get older!

One Pair of Shoes

You can't play soccer without your cleats, so why wear just any ol' pair of sneakers to play volleyball? With the latest technologies designed specifically for volleyball movements on the court, there is a pair of shoes out there to make your feet smile.

One Water bottle

Water is good for you, so stay hydrated by always having your water bottle near. During water breaks, it is much nicer to grab your water bottle instead of racing your teammates to the water fountain, only to wait in line.

One Headband

This one is two-fold: One, it keeps your hair out of your eyes; Two, it looks cute!


Your coach can't put you in the game without your jersey! Always bring every jersey for your team, just in case.

One Pair of Spandex

Part of the uniform? You don't want to forget these!

One Pair of Socks

Crew socks, knee high socks, fun socks, tie dye socks, striped socks, neon socks…the list goes on and on! You need these to play in, especially if they are part of your uniform.

One Bag

To hold #1-8 when you are going to and from practice or a match. When everything you need is in one place, getting ready for volleyball is a snap.

One "Where the Game Begins" Memory

Sometimes volleyball is hard. You're coach is in a bad mood, you have to do extra conditioning, or the drills seem endless…whatever the reason, have the right mind set to keep working hard. And, always have a memory tucked into the back of your mind of why you started playing. Think of that moment, when you knew that you fell in love with the game. Use that as your drive to keep it up – you'll make it through!!

Back to Volleyball

Well, here's your checklist. Let me know if I'm leaving anything out by adding a Comment in the comments section of this post. Good luck to all those going back to volleyball this Fall!