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Father, through the years as All Volleyball has grown YOU have challenged us to regularly reset goals and to embrace YOUR plan. We acknowledge we must be bold in our faith and use our relationships with fellow team members, our customers, our vendors and our community to let YOUR name be abundant in our conversations and apparent in our actions. To witness, to live our lives on purpose for the greater good with an urgency to get busy doing YOUR work! We can go confidently into the future with YOU in front leading us ahead, or maybe sometimes pushing us from behind, and other times walking right beside us. BUT NEVER LEAVING US. We humbly invite everyone to join us as we long to give all glory to YOU through work and beyond. Through YOU, our people, culture and values we are committed to be the most impactful volleyball-specific retailer in the world. THANK YOU for calling us to work hard, laugh, have fun, leave exhausted and to do it all over again tomorrow. Amen!

Wayne & Kriss Lawson, Shannon Kellenberger and Corey LawsonAll Volleyball Owners